We helped pymetrics build a new business case for its solution, centered around the transition from soft to “durable skills” within the diversity, equity and inclusion discipline. In doing so, we helped them form a coalition of global leaders within their target audience whose insights enabled them to reimagine their impact.

Project overview

In a rapidly changing world, hard technical skills become obsolete quickly. It’s the soft or “durable” skills like communication, creativity, problem solving and adaptability that never grow old. Like a muscle, they get stronger when used. But too many companies focus only on the hard skills. That’s why pymetrics, a company which uses AI to assess cognitive and behavioral traits in a way that reduces hiring bias, came to us. They wanted to give businesses a clearer picture of the value of these skills within the broader context of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Project approach

We united DE&I and HR leaders from some of the world’s largest organizations across a series of three design thinking sessions to understand how companies could shift their mindsets about the skills required to thrive in the future and the kinds of diverse talent likely to possess them. We created a public-facing report that synthesized our experts’ recommendations. This raised awareness not only of the challenges at hand, but made the business case for a new approach to skills that highlighted the benefits of pymetrics’ unique approach.
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