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Our Advantages

Discover what sets us apart from the competition.

Design Thinking

Turn market & expert insights into customer-centric solutions using human-centered design.

Rare Expertise

Make informed decisions and solve problems with hard-to-find industry & AI SMEs.


Augment your team's expertise with collaborative consulting; hands-on or turn-key.

Our Solutions & Process

Whether you need quick answers, research deep dives, or full strategy redesigns - our process is designed for you.
Start at any step, or take the full journey with us.

Step 1: Rapid Diagnostics
2-week AI threat and opportunities assessment.
1) Team interviews
2) AI-powered research
3) Experts validate recommendations 4) 15-min video report with supporting materials + Q&A
Get a fast, accurate “disruption forecast” for your business and options to respond.
Starts at $5,000
Step 2: Deep Research
1-month expert-led research sprint
1) Team and expert interviews
2) AI-powered research and data analysis
3) Expert panel to review, validate, and improve research outcomes
4) 30-min video with supporting materials + Q&A
Go from problem to deep understanding fast. Develop options from our diagnostic, or bring us any problem you need clarity on.
Starts at $10,000
Step 3: AI & Innovation Strategy Workshops
1-month problem framing research sprint and half/full day innovation workshop
1) Half or full day facilitated session with your team & our experts
2) Expert panel to review, validate, and improve research outcomes + suggested testing and deployment strategies
3) 30-min video with supporting materials + Q&A
An immersive collaboration with your team & our experts to create CEO-ready strategies + unlock your team's full creative potential.
Starts at $15,000
Full Ignition Plan (Steps 1, 2 & 3)
2-month end-to-end process for reimagining strategies and business models.
Includes all deliverables from Steps 1-3.
Be proactive in identifying the promises and perils of AI, bringing your leadership expert-validated action plans.
Starts at $25,000
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